Future-proof, intelligent and above all... extremely flexible

All in one

ADAPTIX does not only come with a wide range of configurable joining techniques, it also brings you an impressive set of advantages. And the good news is: they come all in one. That’s one smart solution to enhance your production flow in many ways.

An overview: 

Extremely flexible

A wide range of processes and products in one modular solution: that is extreme flexibility.
But what would make it truly revolutionary is bringing the product to the process, instead of the other way around. And that’s exactly what ADAPTIX does.

It allows you to change processes or fixtures within a minute. Plus, the fixtures are stored in the ADAPTIX cell itself, which protects them from damage and guarantees a high level of product quality. Do you need to quickly adjust the production flow? No problem: ADAPTIX can be moved easily.



ADAPTIX is designed to last: the stationary positioning significantly extends its service life. A major benefit is the minimisation of wear to the cables and wiring. Moreover, ADAPTIX can easily handle future changes to the production process.

Do you plan on producing a different product? Or exceeds the demand the current production capacity? Thanks to its modular structure and the availability of a wide range of ‘building blocks’, you can both re-use and expand ADAPTIX as needed. That makes it future-proof in every detail.

Plug and Play

With ADAPTIX, you can be sure of a flexible and future-proof joining process. Moreover, this process will be integrated quickly and smoothly into your production: a true plug and play solution.

When the ADAPTIX cell is ready, we need just a few days to smoothly install it in your production process. Before installation, it has already been subjected to exhaustive testing at our location using your own product and operators. This significantly reduces the risk of losses due to malfunctions during production. Furthermore, because of its efficiently small measurements, ADAPTIX can be transported easily as well. So, you don’t need to worry about anything: we plug it in and you can start producing!

Lightning fast


ADAPTIX can be linked to external ICT systems, for example for order management and monitoring quality.

ADAPTIX therefore not only integrates seamlessly with your production process, but also with all of the vital central data and systems. The ADAPTIX cell is able to monitor all critical quality data in its process modules. These data can be stored in the ADAPTIX cell’s databases and be sent to a customer quality management system. In case a unique product serial number is available, such as a datamatrix code, the data are linked to every individual product for optimal traceability.

Furthermore, all relevant process information can be traced back with personalised RFID keys for the operators. On top of that, if you have an OEE system in place in your production, we will create an interface with your ADAPTIX cell. In this way, ADAPTIX provides you all the data you need.



ADAPTIX requires a minimum of interaction. No advanced knowledge is needed to operate it, and the design is very user-friendly. 

For example, the tilted work surface is located at the correct height and at a close distance from the operator. In this way, they can perform their tasks in an ergonomically comfortable position. The high-speed door provides quick and easy access to the products and tools. Furthermore, ADAPTIX also shortens the walking paths by its limited size and offers the option to place completed products close to the operator.

Reliable Service

The ADAPTIX is virtually immune to malfunctions. But if something ever does go wrong, you can rely on our expert support.

Before installation, we have already tested your ADAPTIX cell extensively. Together with the high quality materials and software we use, this prevents errors in your production. But if anything ever does go wrong, we will quickly fix it. Firstly, we will look along with you via remote access. We create a secure VPN connection and check for any issues from our own production site. If a problem occurs that cannot be solved in this way, one of our specialised field service engineers will visit your location to help you continue your production as soon as possible.