One modular solution, that flexibly combines products and processes.

Instantly ready for what's coming next

How do I stay relevant in a constantly changing market? That’s a question that every automotive supplier faces on a regular basis. And they should, because the client’s expectations and requirements change from day to day.

That means adapting quickly and flexibly is no longer a plus, but rather a necessity for success. Fortunately, ADAPTIX can help: a modular solution that combines a variety of automated mechanical joining techniques.

  • Ideal for automotive producers who apply forming
  • Specially for the production of medium-sized and large volumes
  • Extremely flexible, future-proof, and above all... cost-effective

Product example ADAPTIX

Unique characteristics and advantages

These characteristics offer you the significant advantages over other solutions:

  • Multiple products and processes in one cell
  • Process is not connected to the robot
  • Everything on one frame
  • Compact size (ca. 4.5 x 2.5 m)
  • Fully automatic changeover

We’ve listed the core specifications, special options and other details of ADAPTIX in one convenient overview. Please download the ADAPTIX specsheet and feel free to use it to your advantage.

ADAPTIX by Manders Automation

An innovation by Manders Automation

ADAPTIX is an innovation by Manders Automation. We are specialized in the development and optimization of automated production applications. Thanks to our experience and our high-quality solutions, we are able to effectively and profitably automate your production process.